KFZ Meisterbetrieb Jens Schmiedener

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KFZ Meisterbetrieb Jens Schmiedener

Jens Schmiedener

Hauptstr. 3

29393 Groß Oesingen

(0 58 38) / 5 65

Car maintenance and repair of all makes

Everything started in the early fifties in the garage of Richard Cordes. At the same time opened a gas station in the main road 3. In the early sixties, Richard Cordes built a new workshop. On August 1, 1974, Albert Fricke took over the business and enlarged it in 1979 with an addition. On December 1, 1993 - after almost 20 years in Gr. Oesingen - he went into well-deserved retirement and we took over the workshop. Since December 1993 we repair the cars in Gr. Oesingen and we hope that some more will come.

Richard Cordes ca.1955-1974
Albert Fricke 1974 - 1993
Jens Schmiedener since 1993